Искренность я люблю

Септимус Пиесс замечателен, помимо исторической ценности, еще и манерой письма.
Пишет, скажем, про гелиотроп. Долго распинается, что, мол, непросто получить из него ароматическое вещество.  ПОтом дает, собственно, рецепт иммитации гелиотропа, а потом начинается радость:)

If the experiments are successful they should be published, as then we may hope to establish a new and important manufacture in this country. But we are digressing. The odor of heliotrope resembles a mixture of almonds and vanilla, and is well imitated thus: —
Spirituous extract of vanilla ½ pint
“ “ French rose pomatum ¼ “
“ “ orange-flower pomatum 2 oz.
“ “ ambergris 1 oz.
Essential oil of almonds 5 drops
A preparation made in this manner under the name of Extract de Heliotrope is that which is sold in the shops of Paris and London, and is really a very nice perfume, passing well with the public for a genuine extract of heliotrope. 
И так на каждом шагу:)