Winter blush — must have for the colder months.

Tiwalii пишет на фрагрантике о  Winter blush (национальный колорит потрясает!)) «Winter Blush smells like everything that brings colour to the cheeks and warmth to the soul during the cold months of the year.
I can detect sweet orange (the orange note in this scent reminds me of the orange note in Lush Karma), I can detect glühwein spices, russian tea, something that reminds me of almond milk, marzipan and sweet, condensed milk. There is a kvas smell in here as well. (Kvas is a russian drink that kind of tastes like a mix of ginger ale and Cola). The scent also has a boozy vibe from the cognac note.
All of these smells mix, and takes turns being in the spotlight. This perfume is a fantastic, rich, warm, spicy and slightly fruity blend, with a hedonistic vibe from all these delicious edible and drinkable treats that brings to mind christmas and winter.
I’m so in love with this scent, and have just ordered a bottle. A must have for the colder months.
Sillage is quite strong, but dries down to a medium (this is a pure perfume). Longevity is fabulous. On my skin it lasts more than 12 hours.»


Создать рождественское настроение можно, попробовав  в Москве сам аромат в Osmodeus perfume shop или заказав на ям

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