Кстати о Бабе Яге и духах)

У меня есть духи про Бабу Ягу. В прошлом году они вышли в рамках отдельного,не моего проекта SWITCH. PERFUMES & MORE. Это древесно-бальзамический аромат, черный как ночь и страшный как лес души))

Аромат про Бабу Ягу — номер 4. Вот про него пишет любительница парфюмерии из Швеции, Zetamamman: «This is soo amazing! No 4 was inspired by the powerful witch in Russian fairy tales- Baba Yaga. My amateur nose smells pine needles, minty patchouli, faint resins in the beginning. Darkness, deep into the (sometimes scary) forest. And a real forest, not perfume that’s pretending to be inspired by a forests but puts sharp citrus all over it. (Have never seen a mossy pine forest with citrus trees in it!) It took 6 hours before the resins overtook it all, and they’re smooth. In hotter weater, the resins are stronger in the beginning, too, but the greens is what still sets this apart from so many other resinious scents. To me, the base reminds me of Diptyque l’Eau trois, but this has so many more layers. Anna Zworykina will be responsible for me retuning home and getting rid of almost all of my collection. I have never before encountered such complexity in natural perfumes. And they are so much better than both mainstream and niche ones- almost always there’s something chafing my nose there. But AZ’s masterpieces are just perfect!

Edit October 25th
Now in the cold fall weather, all I get is myrrh and labdanum. Nice, but I’m missing the extra layers. My hotter-blooded partner still gets all of the magical forest, so it will be his for the winter.
I just love how Zworykina’s creations are so alive and change with the seasons. And wondering how many of the ones I dismissed as «uninteresting» in the hot weather would be glorious now… That happened to No 0 that has been my late summer go to and Tobacco Tuberose is just now starting to grow on me.»

%Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottle

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