Яблоневый сад: взгляд из Скандинавии)

Zetamamman делится впечатлениями о Яблоневом саде на фрагрантике

%Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottle

This did not work for me in the summer, but in these crisp fall days it’s beautiful!
The opening is like a fall apple (mine is red, though!) straight off the tree with some discreet spices swirling around. Bitter herbs enter and the labdanum hits at full force. Later, the apple comes tiptoeing back, breaking up the denseness of the resins.
It’s one of Zworykina’s great strengths to be able to fit the whole palette from deep and dense to light and delicate in the same fragrance, often at the same time. I have seen it done in different ways in many of her other perfumes, amazing complexity!
And how does she get that natural apple smell??