Anna Zworykina Perfumes в блоге A Bottled Rose

В одном из моих любимых блогов «A Bottled Rose» Тара написала про мои духи!)))
%Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottle«To continue the all-natural theme of recent weeks, let me introduce you to Anna Zworykina, a Russian artisan perfumer with a Phd in Biochemistry. She has been making fragrances for 15 years and kindly sent me a selection of EdP samples to try, all of which I found to be distinctive and well-structured.

As you may be aware, Luca Turin isn’t exactly a fan of natural perfumery but even he was converted by Anna’s work.» — дальше она пишет про разные ароматы, по ссылке весь текст. Ужасно приятно)