мои не-духи появляются в любимом блоге Death/Scent 

Любовь-любовь — это когда мои не-духи появляются в любимом блоге Death/Scent ❤️😁 в списке подарков для «непростых людей». Для тех самых, про которых старшина одного знакомого, который тогда служил в армии, говорил «Что не солдат то личность» %Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottle
«What better way to start off the gift guide than with a little red and green. I tend to be a bit wary of all natural fragrance lines. With a few exceptions, they tend to be a bit boring, a bit muddled olfactivly and have a habit of hocking anti-science BS. Anna Zworykina’s line is different and not only because she has a background in biochemistry. This collection is proof that you can have complex and interesting scents in an all natural line. Rejoice, the earth mothers on our holiday lists need not smell only of patchouli and Himalayan salt crystals anymore!

Zworykina’s take on classic fragrance forms are both dark and morose but also incredibly interesting and refreshing. Venetian Red is my favourite of the line. It’s a classic play on a rose otto but with a sensual blend of labdanum and vanilla paired against the slight sourness of seaweed to keep it from becoming cloying and fussy. Emerald Green plays a similar cord but in grassy galbanum and earthy jasmine. Special mention would have to go to Dark Side of the Goddess which is a dark-resin, baroque tableau that I adore and I know several “Hex the Patriarchy” witches that would love it get this for Yule on the name alone.»

%Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottle

Как обычно, в Москве попробовать (и купить) все мои духи можно в Osmodeus_perfume_shop, заказать с доставкой на ЯМ or via ETSY (English)

А еще Venetian red есть  в Лондоне, в Bloom Perfumery London!