Dissolution feels like an ode to the cycles of nature.

«Dissolution feels like an ode to the cycles of nature.

It takes you on a journey from summer and early fall into the beginning of winter. The lush green of summer, with its plethora of flowers and fruits, dissolves, nature prepares for the long sleep of winter, the deep rest before it wakens again in spring. Dissolution is a scent of life, death and rebirth.

It starts with an aromatic green and somewhat woody warm smell. I can detect the cedar, which smells a lot like pencil sharpenings, and what I believe to be a combination of myrrh and cassia — a slightly bitter green and aromatic scent. It smells like a warm summer day, late in summer, out in nature. A combination of a ripe, lush garden and a deep green forest.

%Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottle

Then the scent slowly morphs into a more spicy resinous blend. Like the warmth of the sun and the greenery of nature is fading and giving way for the warmth we seek indoors, at the fireplace, burning incense and enjoying hot and spicy beverages, when the colder months are upon us. The perfume gets a tiny bit sweeter as well. To my nose there is a phase that smells like spicy, dried plums. Really lovely.

A gorgeous scent, as always, from Anna Zworykina!

Longevity is medium on my skin — about 6-7 hours. Sillage is strong right away, but dries down to a detectable skin scent.» — Tiwalii wrote about  my Dissolution on Fragrantica))

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