A Ghost House

«I really have enjoyed reading all of the reviews below mine! My experience somewhat mirrors Zetamamman’s — at least in terms of not having some sort of impressive experience, though the fragrance itself does tell an interesting story. I found AGH to be pretty strong on the patchouli and vetiver up front. It slightly reminded me of the dryness of D S & Durga’s Cowboy Grass. There are some other initial notes which I couldn’t tease out, but it was definitely both intriguing and pleasant.

After some development the background of the guaiac wood comes to the fore with what is likely the rose. All of this is enveloped in a sort of oriental mystique, which adds to it’s uniqueness. I didn’t really get any oud out of this, but I did only sample this a couple of times. This will definitely be on my short list. Thumbs up!»

Amos Jolthead wrote about  my A Ghost House on Fragrantica))

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