Nigredo — a woody oud masterpiece.

Алекс пишет о моем Nigredo  на фрагрантике: «A woody oud masterpiece.

What a lovely perfume for the fall! The superb quality oud is complemented by outstanding selections of wormwood, incense, patchouli, castoreum, myrrh and vetiver.
The other notes are less prominent for me, but they add to the whole.

This is immediately recognizable as a Zworykina fragrance — few if any have her mastery of inspiring a great symphony of associations and ideas, feelings of travel and liberation from the mundane; a journey through memories thought long lost.

A strong gust of raw passion that inspires and provokes but does not overpower.

Lasts 4 hours and dissolves into a bitter-sweet perfection of a farewell.»

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