Tobacco-tuberose — a beautiful contrast to commercial perfumery

«This is a beautiful contrast to commercial perfumery, and an amazing use of these notes! A dark, floral leather, this is highly reminiscent of times past.

Of dark nostalgic smokers dens; dense, dry, tobacco smoke lingers in the air, creating a sultry haze. Lots of dark woods, heavy blackened oak panelling on the walls and ceiling, its intricate detailing speaks of wealth and aristocratic privilege. Leather bound books line the walls. There’s an old timber and hide chair, its dry, cracked, and well worn by years of careful habit. There’s a slight dampness held at bay by the dry leather and tobacco smoke, but you can feel its presence.
The room is lamplit, the pale luminescence only enhances the hazy, haughty mood. There’s vase of freshly cut tuberose in the room. White, bright, it stands in stark, clean, contrast to its surrounds. But it’s deceptive in its origins; the tuberose cuts through the woods, leather and tobacco with a sickeningly sweet veil that’s almost noxious, but somehow welcome.
A true artisanal experience, you can expect nothing standard or generic from this fragrance. Leather/woody/floral lovers should absolutely try this.»- Panda0410 wrote about  my Tobacco-tuberoseon Fragrantica))

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