Мускусная роза — а near animalic, yet dry musty rose

«This is spectacular! A near animalic, yet dry musty rose thats utterly pungent, yet completely entrancing. Like a narcotic it ensnares you, and then entraps you in absolution in the pure almost primordial bliss of a deep, dirty, musky rose. Mimosa lends a creamy sweetness as the complex pungence of the opening settles, and further adds to the compelling addiction of this dark, licentious rose brew. Later this mellows into a beautiful carnal skin scent of dark rose on a bed of thick, pungent indolic neroli, lush leathery osmanthus and soft woods. Compelling beyond consciousness, this takes you to dark lusty places in the back of your mind.» — Mizpanda1 left feedback on my Мускусная роза on Etsy))) Soo sweet)))

%Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottle Как обычно, в Москве попробовать (и купить) всю регулярную коллекцию можно в @Osmodeus_perfume_shop, заказать с доставкой на ЯМ or via ETSY.