Secret Dreams faraway daydream

«Another beautiful creation. Secret Dreams will transport you to your own cozy embrace…. a place where the warmth of the tobacco and magic of the myrrh bring back warm memories and give light to the creature comforts within your own personal realm. Castoreum here is wild, yet gently tame, and the immortelle and tuberose add a sweet, mellow floral component that softens and enhances the warmth of the myrrh and tobacco. Genial spices, cardamon and saffron, are tender in this fragrance offering a heartwarming and homely feel to the light woody cedar and patchouli base. Its a delightfully genteel interpretation of myrrh which can otherwise be harsh and bittersweet and masterful use of such redolent spices. Secret Dreams is a whispery warm scent of furtive comfort, a lingering, faraway daydream.» — panda0410 пишет неа фрагрантике про мой Secret dreams))

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