Ghost house — True to its name

Ghost house — very evocative scent. True to its name. It smells like an old, dry, dusty and slightly musty wooden house. The air is stale and filled with nuances of withered flowers and dust covered heavy curtains and oldfashioned violet candy withered into a pale grey-ish purple dust. It’s the smell of decay, something lost and old memories. It’s a strange scent, not for everyone, but if you connect with its melancholic soul you’ve found a real treasure. Пишет  %Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottleBUY via Etsy, пробовать в Москве в Osmodeus_perfume_shop!

А еще Ghost house доступны  в Лондоне, в Bloom Perfumery London! Так что будете в Ковент-Гарден — заходите попробовать: 4 Langley Court, там огромный выбор разных нишевых духов, хотя из all-natural только мои (пока))