Winter blush ))

«This may be a little premature — I’m not sure this is done developing yet. It has settled from mailing though, so I could not resist putting some on today.

Lovely and soft — I smell Glühwein when first applied. It dried down to rosewater Turkish delight. If those notes seem a little pompous (why not just say boozy berry, or rose-and-sugar?), I assure you, I cannot accurately describe them other then the food items. This has to be the softest, most authentic gourmand I’ve ever come across. As a general rule, I don’t like gourmands — but this is so absolutely gorgeous, I’m won over!

It’s like being transported into the most gorgeous Christmas card illustration — it might be Russian, it might be German, it could be victorian or much older — but this definitely conjures something idyllic from holidays long ago.

As I said, I’m not sure it’s done resting. It’s currently a very soft skin scent, and fairly linear. I suspect more of those lasting Glühwein spices will develop with time, and I cant wait to see what else.

but truth be told, I wouldn’t really be disappointed if it stayed just as it was — sweet and pure.» — LittleHoot reviewed my Winter blush ))

%Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottleКак обычно, в Москве попробовать (и купить) все мои духи можно в Osmodeus_perfume_shop, заказать с доставкой на ЯМ or via ETSY (English)

А еще Winter blush есть  в Лондоне, в Bloom Perfumery London! Так что будете в Ковент-Гарден — заходите попробовать: 4 Langley Court, там огромный выбор разных нишевых духов.