150 days to summer

«To me this perfume is the most desperate of all Anna has composed. It is haunting and disturbing and calling faraway. At a glance there’s nothing special in there – а bit of citruses, a flower, a bunch of garden greenery, a pinch of summer dust and a chip of some wood , but all in all.. I say! Maybe it has been composed in winter and the author put her longing for summer next to all the fragrant materials in? I have no idea, but what I’m really sure of is my own feeling of desperate longing the perfume gives to me.

Eaux de Cologne (and 150 days to summer is undoubtedly an eau de cologne) should not be neither too complicated nor too persistent. Their aim is give freshness and pleasure and disappear as soon as the goal is achieved, — dumb sheer happiness. An eau de cologne that lasts forever is akin to a simple cheerfull tune that spins in your mind for a week without a break for lunch – it really can f*#k you to death (excuse my French).

Anna’s 150 DTS is by all means a proper eau de cologne, and it gives perfect summer freshness and it disappears in time, and all the cologne reference points are in place, and everybody else feels just summer and freshness in it. Why do I feel this passionate longing for summer and not just summer itself? Honestly I can’t understand why. There’s only one thing about this perfume I’m absolutely sure of : there’s no any other cologne like this, at once cheeful and a little sad, like a formerly really optimistic person who’ve seen too much to keep believing that life is only about pleasures. And like such a person, this perfume has a lot of things to talk about. An absolute marvel!» —serenissimous пишет на Фрагрантике про мои 150 дней до лета!

%Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottleв Москве, напоминаю, всю коллекцию можно пробовать в Osmodeus perfume shop! Покупать — на ярмарке Мастеров или на ETSY.