My vanilla

«This is a really unique and interesting take on vanilla. It actually doesn’t smell much of vanilla at all. At least not the traditional vanilla we all suspect to get when we think of a vanilla fragrance.

Vanilla is a perfume note with many nuances. The type of vanilla used, and where the species of vanilla orchid it comes from grows, has a lot to say in how vanilla smells. Vanilla can have woody qualities, leathery qualities, it can have nuances of spices, earthiness, flowers and fruits.

This vanilla fragrance is composed of all the different nuances vanilla can have, and not really the typical sweet, creamy, desert like vanilla note that’s so common. And that is what makes this scent genius in my opinion. Vanilla can be a bit boring, but this clever interpretation of the note takes vanilla to a whole new level and makes it intriguing again.

On my skin this is a dark, woody and smoky scent with gorgeous nuances of cumin and cloves. I think I detect a little heat from pepper in here as well. It’s a fiery and exciting smell, with a warm, glowing and discrete sweetness, much like the aroma of an oriental spice market somewhere in a story from 1001 Nights.

As the scent softens on the skin more of the smooth balsamic and slightly traditional vanillic smells comes through, but the scent never turns completely vanillic. It just has that little hint of familiar vanilla, just a reminder of this perfumes’ core and theme.

I find this utterly beautiful. It’s a smart, creative and kind of intellectual take on a vanilla scent, and I really appreciate that. It’s refreshing!

On my skin this scent lasts for over 8 hours, and the sillage is pretty much a solid medium.» — Tiwalii reviewed My vanilla via Fragrantica!!

%Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottle

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