Jasmine and Agarwood

«This is a lot greener than I expected, which is a really good thing in my opinion. It makes it so much more interesting than a typical floral oud.

It’s not a barnyard oud, it’s not super dirty, but I still get a feeling of being on a farm when smelling this. It’s like being in the stables, feeding the horses sweet, dried grass. The horses are clean and well groomed, but maybe a tiny bit sweaty from being outside all day. There is a distinct smell of leather saddles mixed with the smell of hay, and there is a window open somewhere in the stable. A beautiful fragrant jasmine bush grows right outside this window, and the soft smell of the flowers mingles with all the green and organic smells of the stable. It gives the hay and leather a mild, and slightly feminine nuance that’s really lovely.

I’ve never smelled oud or agarwood like this before. It’s unique and stunning. I have a new scent on my wishlist.

Sillage starts off medium, and dries down to somwhere between mild and medium. Sillage is good, I get over 7 hours out of this.» — Tiwalii reviewed Жасмин и агаро via Fragrantica!!

%Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottle

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