дом призрак

«There are perfumes for smelling great, there are perfumes that are showy and there is a kind of perfumes that are meant just for you, for your soul. And as often happens, it seems you know some sertain perfume of this very kind inside out, but once in a while it is still able to break your stride and stop you stunned and overwhelmed with some piercing realization of beauty of life.

So it happened to me and Anna’s Ghost House. At a glance you can’t call it beautyful, most of you wouldn’t call it even pleasant: musty wood, old stairways, dust and desolation – nothing particularly to love, but I loved it the first time I smelled and do love for years. I know it well, I know the smell of materials it is made of, seems like I can even repeat the composition myself, should I by any chance get my hands on Anna’s materials. But I still cannot understand how it does this things to me. But let me, I shall tell you the whole story.

I grew up in the countryside in the continental North of Russia (-40 C in winter, late lazy spring, +40 C in summer, cold long autumn, vast forests – all those things). And as a child I was especially fond of early spring, it meant the end of long cold winter and the most important, it brought smells back into the world. Smells of melting snow and fresh ground, of hay remaining from the last year, of warmed walls of our wooden house, of the first spring flowers and fresh dough. Do you remember your childhood impressions, when each colour was vivid and new, each smell sharp clear and big and each day was full of promises? In spring all these were even more so.

With time I got less attentive to new, more tired of people and way too cynical to feel any thing close to those childhood impressions. And besides living in a big city detaches you step by step from nature. There still are seasons in a city, but you usually do not have much of a process – a winter just jumps at you somewhere at the corner and you simply note that it’s time to change your wardrobe for a warmer one. In the countryside things still are different, there still is a process of season coming, but now as I am, what I mostly feel about it is a light irritation – too hot or too cold, too dusty or too rainy, feet got wet , nose is running … well, you certainly know it by yourselves.

But this morning something clicked and I just felt everything – not just melting snow, raining sky and wet trees,- I felt the world is moving into spring. Do you know the feeling? When all the forces of nature are going through you, when you are a part of all these, when a moment longer and you will be able ho hear the Earth moves. Everything around smelled of my childhood, it was absolutely impossible upon thinking but I smelled it I swear! The other day I would give my leg and arm to be able to feel that again, but today I got it for free. The cynical part of me coldly informed that this morning I used the Gost House and all the “magic” is probably comes from it. Let it be so, I don’t mind at all. More than that, I think it is a pure luck that there are things that can give you back your past, the freshness you’ve lost through all these years. Things that can give you a priceless moment of feeling alive.»  — — serenissimous Пишет на фрагрантике про мой Дом-призрак

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