150 Days to Summer

«Today I’m wearing a bright, uplifting, very natural, refreshing beauty. 150 Days to Summer by Anna Zworykina(Анна Зворыкина)Perfumes is the outstanding beauty. You’re treated with an intense, tangy blast of citrusy Grapefruit, Bergamot and berried Cassis(blackcurrant). This settles down but lingers for a good long while and blends together beautifully with aromatic herbs and fresh spices. Marjoram provides a beautiful, fresh, green, herbal, slightly oregano note. Clary sage also adds to the herbal goodness. Zesty ginger and freshly grated nutmeg give delicious, spicy nuances. A touch of rose adds a floral, bright, jammy touch. Tonka adds some sweetness and I believe there’s also a hint of cedar wood in the base. 150 Days to Summer is something I would definitely put on in the middle of winter to help combat the «Blues» of winter and remind me of the warmth of summer. This fragrance is mesmerizingly natural. I feel like I’m in a gourmet kitchen, cutting up citrus fruits, chopping freshly picked herbs and grating fresh spices. Then mixing them together to make an amazing, fresh dish» — Review from Craig Karoses on fb!

%Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottleКак обычно, в Москве попробовать (и купить) все мои духи можно в Osmodeus_perfume_shop, заказать коллекцию с доставкой на ЯМ! А еще некоторые духи из постоянной коллекции доступны  в Лондоне, в Bloom Perfumery London! Так что будете в Ковент-Гарден — заходите попробовать: 4 Langley Court.