Nigredo — Gorgeous, natural notes and brilliant blending.

Gorgeous, natural notes and brilliant blending. 

Negrido — like the other 4 perfumes of Zworykina’s that I sampled — begins with a bang (in Nigredo’s case, it is wood and bitters). But within minutes, the composition settles and the beauty of the notes unfold. 

There is no point to compare this wood perfume to any others on available in department stores today (including Tom Ford, Lutens, Montale, etc.) Zworykina’s Negrido deserves its own spot light.

Negrido is a quiet wood- an unexpected gentle caress from an old lover. Just beautiful. It wears close to the skin, with moderate longevity.  пишет на фрагрантике  tlusif

%Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottle

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