Revenge, revisited

«At first, I wasn’t too crazy about this. I thought it smelled like iodine or something — in fact it first came off to me as a sweaty person covered in iodine. After I wore this sample a few more times I really grew to love it. Not that this will appeal to many people but it smelled like straight flavored smokeless tobacco. And I eventually grew to really love this. There are so many notes to this fragrance that make it much more complicated to really break apart than I had the time to do, but I definitely will purchase this sometime in the distant future. It’s fairly strong, but not overpowering.» — Amos Jolthead wrote about Revenge on Fragrantica! %Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottle Как обычно, в Москве попробовать (и купить) все мои духи можно в Osmodeus_perfume_shop, заказать с доставкойна ЯМ or via ETSY (English) А еще Revenge есть  в Лондоне, в Bloom Perfumery London! Так что будете в Ковент-Гарден — заходите попробовать: 4 Langley Court, там огромный выбор разных нишевых духов.