New Suede

«New Suede, with all its georgic (super natural) «paraphernalia», unveils itself by soon as a typical indie-agrestic sort of rooty concoction (hardly blended by an alchemy of real extraits, dense oils, grass, roots and natural ingredients). The juice strikes me immediately because of its realistic bucolic integralism, the indolic crudeness, a citric presence and the evident absence of any suede-trace (and the alleged paradox of the scent’s name itself). One of the first considerations jumping indeed on my mind was: this wild rawness is the exact opposite of the typical suedish refined silkiness. I definitely detect by soon tuberose (intense on its connection with citrus), amberish dustiness (fleeting and fading in a while), mossiness, osmanthus, lemon/orange and seasoned woodiness in a general tornado of misty earthiness, grassiness and hesperides. The agrestic power produces a sort of tobacco/oakmoss presence-illusion under my «delusional» nose. It seems to smell an Abdes Salaam Attar Profumo typical perfume (for instance Sharif, Tabac) with tuberose, oakmoss and tobacco, overall finally gentled by floral notes and sweet dustiness. Suede is ghostly (I’d say absent) till the end but the scent smells creative and intriguingly weird. Dry down is pleasantly resinous (still hesperidic, rooty and woodsy but soothed by vanilla and slightly refined by lush osmanthus) but probably it sounds too much wild and unstructured for my full pleasure.
P.S: waiting a tad longer the final wake smells more civilized, softer, vaguely talky (but in to a chyprey/organic, vaguely vintage/animalic way) and delicately floral (never quite suedish) and this end result deserves definitely my little humble thumbs up.» — пишет Darvant про мою New Seuede.

%Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottle

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