Emerald green

«This lovely perfume is a beguilingly cool fragrance. It is artistic and beautiful.» — heidielsie  reviewed my Emerald green! Emerald green is a bitter avant-garde perfume dedicated to the colour of the same name. Sharp with icy sides and aromatic herbs. A bright floral heart of jasmine, orange blossom and lotus flower softly shines through boozy notes, absinth and herbs. The fond is dark, dense and mossy.A very cold perfume, it tinkles with ice in the cold, blooms with flowers in humid air; and when it’s warm, the foresty mossy base is especially delicious.

%Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottle

Bitter almond, absinthe, cognac, galbanum, angelica seed, juniper, violet leaf, jasmine, orange blossom, white lotus, clove, cardamom, frankincense, sandalwood, labdanum, oakmoss, myrrh.

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