Fallen leaves — such a warm and inviting kind of smell, comforting yet slightly melancholic. 

«Oh wow! This smells like entering an autumnal forest — adorned with all the rich, deep, glowing fall colours — and experiencing that the forest envelops you with a warm, gentle hug.

It’s a soft, creamy, cozy fragrance with the same texture as cashmir or fine alpacca wool. It’s like a scarf you bring out from your closet when the first really cool days of fall appear. Warm, comforting and really soft against the skin.

Tonka and vanilla is most prominent, but I can also detect the cedar. It gives the creaminess a lovely woodsy feeling, like taking a stroll through the forest. The air is crisp, there’s a cool breeze, and the leaves are falling from the trees in waves of gold and copper. There is a faint bitterness from the myrrh, almost like a reminder that this rich, vibrant beauty is a sign of death and decay. Nature is dying, only to be reborn again in spring. It’s a gorgeous goodbye, but a goodbye nontheless. And still it is a goodbye filled with hope.

The longer the fragrance sits on the skin the more smokey it gets. It’s a creamy, caramelized myrrh smoke, and it reminds me a lot of the beautiful Myrrh Assoluto by Valentino. It’s like there is a bonfire lit somewhere in this stunning fall forest, and someone are burning myrrh incense and roasting marshmallows by this fire. It’s such a warm and inviting kind of smell, comforting yet slightly melancholic.

Longevity is very good. I can smell this scent for about 9 hours on my skin. Sillage is a solid medium right away, but calms down to a detectable skin scent after about an hour or an hour and a half.» Пишет  Fallen leaves

%Anna Zworykina  %art in a bottle

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